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Cultural Celebrations are social and fami-

ly events that consist in the making and

eating of traditional Ecuadorian food.


This food is a soup traditionally prepared and eaten by households and communities in Ecuador during cultural celebrations of Holy Week.

We serve Fanesca to the entire community center in Pisuli one Saturday during Easter. The incorporation of this particular activity as part of the cultural celebrations is important to community building and sharing.


Fanesca is typically prepared and served only in the week before Easter (Holy Week). It is a rich soup, with the primary ingredients being figleaf gourd (sambo), pumpkin (zapallo), and twelve different kinds of beans and grains including chochos (lupines), habas (fava beans), lentils, peas, corn and others, together with bacalao (salt cod) cooked in milk, due to the Catholic religious prohibition against red meat during Holy Week. It is also generally garnished with hard boiled eggs, fried plantains, herbs, parsley, and sometimes empanadas.

The twelve beans represent the twelve apostles of Jesus, and the bacalao is symbolic of Jesus himself.

Fanesca is usually consumed at midday, which is generally the principal meal of the day within this important Ecuadorian cultural celebrations.


To help us serve 300 people this beautiful cultural meal, please give now. Need $600

To serve all these meals, as part of the cultural celebrations we offer to our community center, we need your help. The financial need for this project is $ 500. Please, give now! The financial need for this project is $500

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Impact Institutional Living

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