Land Purchase

Changing lives with one simple message:

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Investing in the community 

High in the Andes mountains lies the

community of Pisuli. This community

has a long history of poverty, land wars,

and community strife.


Each week we minister to and serve more than 300 children, and 50 adults. Our goal is to strengthen the families financially and spiritually so that the risk of child abandonment due to poverty is completely eradicated in this community. We serve the community in a very small building.


We have completely reached our capacity and simply for space sake, cannot take any more people into the program. In order to effectively serve the community, it is our dream to buy a piece of land in Pisuli. On this plot we will build a

Community Center that will better serve the people and allow us to grow in many ways.


Many of our visitors are amazed by the amount of kids and mothers we serve in a small space. Just to give you an idea— we feed between 250 to 300 kids per week. There are 40 volunteers to feed them.


We minister to 21 ladies who are part of the tagua jewelry program. All of those people are fed and ministered to in a house that has 4 rooms (14sq2 each), a kitchen (12sq2) and 2 small bathrooms. Our play area is (60sq2).


Our Dream


Our idea of Land Purchase is to buy a 2800 m2 (30,140 sq2) and build:


  • 4 class rooms

  • A workshop for the Tagua Jewelry Program

  • A wood workshop where we will begin a program for the men of the community.

  • A kitchen

  • A Dining room

  • An auditorium

  • A playground

  • A soccer field

  • A basketball court

  • A volleyball court


Our plan for Land Purchase will include opening those facilities for the community to use and to have a safe place for them to come to on a regular basis.

Land Purchase


Land Purchase

You can find more information about this fun, life-changing opportunity by emailing us

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life of people at risk in Ecuador

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Our Team


Oswaldo & Denise Pineiros

Chief Financial Officer

Amanda Afman


Paul and Susan Fernane

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We hope to prevent abandonment due to poverty. This is done by strengthening the family unit in impoverished areas where abandonment is highly possible.

Where abandonment has already occurred, we work to see these children feel loved and made to feel safe in every aspect of life. We help orphanages to provide for the needs of every resident. Where adoption is possible, we advocate for healthy placements . 

* With You International is a 501(c)3 non-profit in the United States of America. Fundación Contigo is a legally recognized foundation under Ecuadorian law.

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