Local Volunteers

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Local Volunteers

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time. They have the heart. 


Around Ecuador and particularly in Quito,

there is a need for local volunteers. 

Our volunteers work with children at risk in 

highly impoverished communities. 

We are looking for people with big hearts and lives committed to Jesus Christ to help with weekly activities that serve the poor, unwanted and abandoned. No matter your age or skill set, we can help you find a place to serve. Our volunteers cook, teach classes, play games, take field trips with the children, and help our program in many ways. If you have a heart to serve, live in Quito, speak Spanish, and want to help, please contact us!


Volunteer labor will either be in orphanages or in community centers located in impoverished areas.


Please contact oswaldo@withyouinternational.org for more information. 

Local Volunteers

Only you can positively change the life of a person at risk forever

Become a Volunteer

You can find more information about this fun, life-changing opportunity by emailing us.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life of people at risk in Ecuador

You can read this too!

For $20 a month.

Who do we work with? 

Orphans, children at risk for abandonment, mothers who can't provide for their children, families who live in poverty, families who want to adopt, staff workers in the orphanages, and many more.