Mission and Vision

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Who we are?

WITH YOU INTERNATIONAL is the leading nonprofit organization in Ecuador, exclusively dedicated to caring for orphans, children, and families at risk.

What is our mission?

WITH YOU INTERNATIONAL care for orphans, children, and families at risk in Ecuador

What is our vision?

That all people at risk in Ecuador have an acceptable quality of life

What is our focus?

Effectively impact institutional living, adoption, and to strengthen the family unit in order to prevent abandonment.

What are our values?

Transformation: We believe in urgent action, innovation, and the necessity of transformation—within the world and our own organization.

Integrity: We are accountable to the people and partners we humbly serve, transparently sharing our results, stories and lessons.

Diversity: We know that by embracing differences, actively including a variety of voices, and joining together we can solve the world’s most complex problems.

Excellence: We challenge ourselves to the highest level of learning and performance, tapping the best of the human spirit to create impact.

Equality: We believe in the equal value of every human being and the importance of respecting and honoring each individual; we know that change happens through people.

Mission & Vision


MIssion & Vision

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Our Mission

To improve the quality of life of people at risk in Ecuador

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We hope to prevent abandonment due to poverty. This is done by strengthening the family unit in impoverished areas where abandonment is highly possible.

Where abandonment has already occurred, we work to see these children feel loved and made to feel safe in every aspect of life. We help orphanages to provide for the needs of every resident. Where adoption is possible, we advocate for healthy placements . 

* With You International is a 501(c)3 non-profit in the United States of America. Fundación Contigo is a legally recognized foundation under Ecuadorian law.

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