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Changing lives with one simple message:

You are not alone.

To stakeholders

The identity of a community is found in the way they celebrate cultural traditions...

Contribute to the land where we will build a brand new community center!

We visit the orphanages weekly and have developed a closer relationship with 3 orphanages where we have...

Medical, dental, eye care and health education is vital to the health of the community.

By the Numbers 2017


Meals served


Pairs of shoes
Aid to orphanages


Emotional and spiritual support for the impoverished and the orphaned.

You can sponsor a child in our program for a small monthly amount.

School Supplies Pencils, notebooks, uniforms... all the things we take for granted are provided in this program.

Brand new shoes for every child, every year at Christmas.

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We hope to prevent abandonment due to poverty. This is done by strengthening the family unit in impoverished areas where abandonment is highly possible.

Where abandonment has already occurred, we work to see these children feel loved and made to feel safe in every aspect of life. We help orphanages to provide for the needs of every resident. Where adoption is possible, we advocate for healthy placements . 

* With You International is a 501(c)3 non-profit in the United States of America. Fundación Contigo is a legally recognized foundation under Ecuadorian law.

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