We care for orphans, children, and families at risk in Ecuador

Changing lives with one simple message:

You are not alone.

In cases where family re-insertion isn't possible, we promote adoption; both nationally and internationally.




We visit institutions and orphanages around Ecuador where we provide spiritual enrichment and financial help. 



We work to prevent abandonment before it happens by strengthening families weakened by poverty, hopelessness, and lack of opportunity.

We work with orphans, institutions, children who are at risk, and adoptive families based on the following 3 objectives

We are a non-profit organization in Ecuador, exclusively dedicated to caring for orphans, children, and families at risk.

Hope for families who live in poverty
We improve the quality of life for orphans and people at risk

One child at a time. One message: You are not alone.

Bring a team of volunteers, host a jewelry party, or financially support a project, child, or missionary. 

Bring a team to work with the children and families

Our headquarters are located in Quito, along with different locations around Ecuador where we minister.